Tri-Cities DAV Chapter 95 Oceanside, California
Tri-Cities DAVChapter 95Oceanside, California

Quick reference videos to make the claims process easier to understand can be found at "".  These are five new"quick reference" videos that outline everything from who should file a claim to what to exect after receiving a decision on a claim.  The videos can also be found at "

Contact the following for assistance in filing your initial claim or an appeal:


VA Regional Office

8810 Rio San Diego Dr

Suite 1160

San Diego, CA



MCAS Miramir

Area 5

MCCS Bld 5305

Miramir Way

PO Box 452005

San Diego, CA 92145





Disabled Americna Veterans

Bld 13150

Room 220

Box 555020

Marine & Family Service Center 

Camp Pendleton, CA 


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